Capital Appeal Questions and Answers

Nearly $500k was given in 2018, some of this was pledged and some of this was unpledged. The initial pledge request was for a three-year commitment which could be fulfilled at any time. A separate Capital Fund has been established in an interest-bearing account to be withdrawn when funds are needed. The more cash we have on hand, the less we will need to borrow to fulfill financial obligations when they occur.

The most dominant focus of our MAP survey was that we feel called to grow. Grow in membership; grow in worship and ministry participation. Evangelism—reaching out with the Good News of Christ—has always been at the heart of Christian mission and it is clear this needs to continue through Salem. The renewal project is therefore more than building improvements, it is about renewing and expanding our mission focus and gospel impact.

We will be looking at everything from PR to social media to personal invitation as together we renew this ministry, draw others into the care and embrace of God’s family, and grow the church! It is exciting to consider what additional ministry opportunities develop with a renewed facility and a renewed sense of purpose. It is also exciting to be doing this together!

A capital appeal is implemented to help expand a congregation’s mission and ministry. It is most helpful when a project involves numerous upgrades and improvements, such as for us here at Salem, and when that necessary funding is beyond regular ministry budgeting. The appeal will, of course, show us the full breadth of support so that we can determine whether any borrowing might be recommended to cover the overall project costs. Whatever final or next steps plan will be brought back to you, the congregation, for dialogue and decision making.

Pending approval at the February 10 meeting, Miller Architects & Builders anticipates 4-6 months for both detailed construction drawings and soliciting of bids to local contractors. It is anticipated that work would begin in the fall of 2019 and completed the following spring.

Having a facility that was built in 1962, much of the building is dependent on inefficient and worn mechanical systems. The heating and cooling systems as well as overall electrical service are no longer adequate by today’s standards. The flat portion of the roof has reached the end of its life expectancy. When it fails, leaks will cause internal damage. The building also does not meet accessibility and fire standards. Lighting throughout the building is inadequate and the layout is no longer viewed as welcoming and inviting. Roughly half the cost of the anticipated project is related to deferred maintenance and code compliance issues. Simply put, we have put off repairs and maintenance for many years and now need addressed.

With all the updates, the overall project is anticipated to cost just under $3 million.

Several upgrades at Salem are inevitable. A congregational meeting will determine what can be done at this time and what may need to be postponed for future updating. We will also discuss any recommended borrowing, if we feel this would best serve our ministry goals. It is not unusual for a church to require more than one appeal when there is a large project being undertaken. But YOU will ultimately decide that.


Salem has always done what is necessary for the ministry God calls us to do. Our prayer and hope is that each and every Salem household will give as generously as you feel called to for the sake of the project and the ministry we share. Upon conclusion of the appeal, we will know just where we are in relationship to our goal. Leadership will then return to you, the congregation, with a plan for exactly how we might move forward. There will be an opportunity to discuss and then vote on a recommendation.

Kairo’s experience is that a special appeal does not result in decreased regular giving and often is seed resulting in an increase. This happens when members feel more invested and engaged with the concept of joyful giving and the power of creating a culture of generosity. It further helps move beyond day to day operations costs and rather encourages hope for the future. Both regular giving and additional appeal giving will be necessary for a successful campaign.

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