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Are you interested in sharing excitement and hope through Salem Lutheran Church? Sunday is a great opportunity to reconnect and renew that excitement. Through the grace of Jesus Christ, we are connected within by love, reach out in hope to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with one another, the community, and the world.

This as a personal invitation to come to the house of the Lord to be among God’s people, pray, hear the word proclaimed, and commune at the table of the Lord. There is joy in the house of the Lord, even more when we are together. Salem Lutheran Church looks forward to seeing you in worship.

In the gospel Jesus reveals his power over death by raising Lazarus from the dead. The prophet Ezekiel prophesies God breathing new life into dry bones. To those in exile or living in the shadows of death, these stories proclaim God’s promise of resurrection. In baptism we die with Christ that we might also be raised with him to new life. At the Easter Vigil we will welcome the newly baptized as we remember God’s unfailing promise in our baptism.

40-day Journey


WORSHIP: O Lord, Teach Me to Pray

You are invited on this journey through Lent to pray, discern, learn and grow as together we will listen carefully for the voice of Jesus to guide and equip us in faithfulness.



WORSHIP at 11AM (followed by LUNCH)/ 6:30PM

Join us at Salem for a journey that opens us to a deeper understanding of what Jesus has done and continues to do among us. In addition to weekly worship on Sundays, midweek services at 11am and 6:30pm are great times to learn and grow together and share the love of God in Christ Jesus. Lunch will be served after the morning worship.  

artwork by Vickie DeVilbiss


Faith Formation

How Lutherans Interpret the Bible


Sundays (through Mar 26) on zoom at 6:30pm

Mondays (THROUGH Mar 27) in person at 6:30pm

Have you ever wanted to know more about the Bible and did not know who to talk to about your questions and desire to learn? As an ELCA pastor and seminary professor, Mark Allen Powell created a resource that helps engage people in conversations about the Bible and its purpose to nurture faith conversations. How Lutherans Interpret the Bible is a six-week course that is useful for both those new in the study of scripture as well as seasoned learners who are looking for opportunities to deepen and expand their engagement with the Bible. The study includes a video segment as well as outline materials that accompany the discussion, and will be led by Pastor Craig.

Prayer Book and Prayer Journal

“O Lord, Teach Me to Pray” is a little prayer book designed around the basics of spiritual life, as it’s lived out in daily life. These prayers lean heavily upon Martin Luther’s explanation of the basics of the Christian faith as found in the Small Catechism. The prayer book will be available at the church welcome desk and upon request will be mailed or delivered to you as a resource guide through the Lenten Theme.

Also included with the prayer book is a small prayer journal that includes scripture references and space for reflection and prayer. While there are no particular rules for using your prayer journal, here are some suggestions on how to begin:

• Pray the Word

• Write What is On Your Heart

• List What You are Grateful For

• Write What Are the Good Things That Happened

• Remember the Prayers He Has Answered

• Dream with the Holy Spirit

• Record What God is Speaking to You


As you engage this Lenten season, prayer journals are wonderful tools to continue building our faith. There are many ways to pray, and all of them are accepted by God when we come to Him with a humble and contrite heart. Whether we are praying throughout the day, or keeping a prayer journal, God hears and answers.



As Lent draws to a close Salem Lutheran Church is looking forward to seeing you as we journey together and live the story of Jesus, risen and living among us.


Worship at 8:30AM / 11AM

Way of the Cross at 9:45AM


Worship at 11AM / 6:30PM


Worship at 11AM / 6:30PM

“He is not here; for he has been raised.” “Do not be afraid,” says the risen Jesus after his greeting to the Marys at the tomb. When have you needed to hear these words of comfort and assurance? When has life caused you to be afraid and uncertain of the future? Each of us face times in our lives when we feel lost, confused, anxious and otherwise afraid for what will come next.



Salem Lutheran Church looks forward to seeing you as we journey together and live the story of Jesus, risen and living among us. Blessed Easter!


Worship at 6:30AM (outside) / 8:30AM / 10:30AM

Breakfast served from 7AM – 10:30AM

Look to the light of Jesus and declare,
“Alleluia! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!”

Please pause for prayer each day at 3pm seeking God’s direction for Salem Lutheran Church’s future together. You are encouraged to watch Pastor Craig’s sermon here. Salem Lutheran Church has some intentional work ahead of us, and the hope is to receive your support for council and all Salem members to work through budget challenges while also engaging God’s Mission for a hopeful future through Salem. God’s blessings!

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