“Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service.”

Mid-week Lenten Services

“Lord, Whose Love in Humble Service”


The words from this hymn describe Jesus as a humble servant who took up the weight of human suffering to bring about God’s perfect, merciful act on our behalf. This sacrificial deed then offers us the voice, heart and gifts to fulfill God’s divine purpose. At the same time, the second verse admits the issues of homelessness, hunger, captivity, grief, sickness remain as realities in our broken world. We therefore pray for a vision to discern faithful responses to meet the needs with compassion and hopeful expectation to live with passionate service through God’s abundant life within us.

The poetic language of this hymn unite us in a common passion to do as Jesus has done, to be servants of one another and to make a difference in the world around us. Isn’t that what we all hope for, to live with purpose? To make a difference when and how we can?

Beginning on Wednesday, March 9, worship will help us learn what servanthood is and how we can make a difference. A service component to worship this Lent will be to participate in support to one of our partner ministries. Each week you will be invited to bring a designated item with you as a contribution to Bethel United Methodist’s food pantry. Below is the list of items and the weeks we will highlight for these designations. While donations are always welcome, this is an effort to raise awareness of a few of the basic needs Bethel has indicated as hopeful in their efforts to feed the hungry in the name of Jesus.