Paul in Athens

Paul in Athens

Part of Paul's Second Missionary Journey

Paul was waiting for Silas and Timothy in Athens, Greece. As he walked around the city he saw many beautiful buildings and numerous idols. Men would carve statues out of stone or wood and call them their gods. They would bow down and worship these statues as if the stone or wood had some power. 


The people of Athens wanted to make sure they hadn’t left out some “god” so they made an idol “To an Unknown god.” Paul said, “I want to tell you about this God,” and he began to tell them about the try God who had created the world and everything in it. He told them about Jesus and how he had come to earth, had disciples, healed and talked to people, had been killed, and then rose from the dead. 


The people were extremely interested. They loved to hear new ideas and this was certainly something new to them. Many people believed the preaching of Paul and became followers.  

Paul Teaches in Athens

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